Many James Bond films have been produced since beginning of the series, however only one car stayed in the heart of the classic car lovers is the Aston Martin DB5. In 1964 the Aston Martin DB5 has been introduced in the third James Bond movie called Goldfinger. In 1965 the same car has been used to showcase the movie at New York World’s Fair and also used in the following Bond movie Thunderball. In both films Sean Connery as starring as 007.

The 007 Aston Martin DB5 used in both Goldfinger andåÊThunderball was the original BD5 prototype with a second car used by the stuntman. One of the two cars have been stolen in 1997 and has never been recovered. The remaining car has been auctioned for $5.5 million. The new owner had the privilege to inherit some James Bond memorabilia from the original owner Jerry Lee that bought the car directly from Aston Martin in 1969.
The Silver Birch was the distinctive colour used for the car. John Stears equipped the Aston Martin DB5 with his inventions like machine guns, ejector seat, and the most famous the rotating numberplate mechanism. These special accessories helped Bond to complete his missions and brought the series to the next level.

Using different car models the Aston Martin has been the James Bond’ car for other eleven 007 films making five decades of cinema history. Thanks to this the DB5 1964 helped the Aston Martin to increase its sales worldwide and grow the company brand among sport car passionate. The BD5 has been used in many other James Bond movies like GoldenEye (1995), Casino Royale (2006), and Skyfall (2012).