The first edition of the French Riviera Classic Car Show “Azur Retro Motors”

During the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of May Mandelieu – near Cannes – hosted the first edition of the Azur Retro Motors Show, while a few km down the beach the famous film festival was coming to an end.

Even if the size of the show was nothing to match the much larger Parisian events, everything was so well organised to impress me.

From the outside parking, to the clubs, passing from the toys and the “brocante” session everything was placed were it should and┬áthe entire visit was very pleasant and very well priced (5 euros adult ticket).

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Once again there was a very strong presence of MGs of all eras with also a MGB GT V8 for sale in the car park. Inside I had a chat with the local coordinator of the MG Club de France while he was trying to tune something in one the MG exposed.

Here is the special selection of the MG and the phone number of the person selling that beautiful V8, I decided they deserve a separate session.