I always wanted to throw in somewhere those this words from Russ Meyer’s 60s cult movie. Thanks Sprintbeemer to make it happen.

I always try to specify a year, a period and an exact model for our reviews, however the fame and look of SprintBeemer goes beyond all of this.

When I saw this picture on the net about 3 years ago it was the moment when I started looking with a new eye at airhead BMW. And probably many others had the same crush.

Sprint Beemer by David Marlier

Finally last November saw it in real life at the Salon Moto Legende in Paris. The attention to the details is impressive and I’m thinking that this sprinter alone is worth it a trip to Glemseck 2015. Because I’m sure the Sprintbeemer will be there, after all that what it was born for.

The question here is : how fast will it be and how meaner will it look the next time we will meet?

The actual final recipe is kind of secret, however its creator Sebastian Lorentz said about the first version : the main frame is from a /2 from the 1950s, the front end is from a /5 from the 1970s, the engine from an R 100 RS from the late 1970s, the gearbox is from an R 100 R from the 1990s, the swingarm from a /7 from the early 1980s and the rear end is from a /6 from the early 1970s. You can find more details about the components of the Sprintbeemer at the Bike Shed and on the Lucky Cat Garage website.

The firs picture copyright by David Marvier