A father and son creation – The Corvette C1

This Corvette started his life in sunny California and was imported in Italy at the beginning of the 90ies.

Alessio and his father Tiziano it was a dream coming true when they bought it as a total “project” in 2008, driven by passion and probably underestimating the mission they were about to start. The Corvette C1 was built to last for years and to restore it correctly it takes great attention to all the details.

When they started hunting the parts required for the rebuilt, Tiziano’s 30 years experience in his body work garage and his contacts were of great help. Still most of the parts weren’t easy to find and looking for a correct radio is not the same challenge of getting shipped from the US a full front windscreen.

One of the first decisions to make was the color scheme. When first sold in California the Vette was in Snowcrest White, however other options were available. After a long decisional process that included family, friends and acquaintances they decided to dress her in Charcoal black and Inca Silver with a full red leather interior. And surely we like it.

The engine is the orginal “small” block V8 da 4.6 litri (283 ci) with manual transmission andåÊ that should give 233 HP. It should, because now with an Edelbrock carburators kit it can easily pass the 300hp marks. And the performance? Thanks to modern tyres you can have great fun on twisty road, but to push it to the top speed you need also a good amount of bravery as the brakes have been refurbished based on the original scheme.