Beach cars are not something that you can race or drive around the world, but surely they can be fun for short runs on holidays. This Fiat Shellette got our attention last February during the Artcurial Sale at Retromobile Paris for two reasons, the the sun-yellow color and the name of the last owner: Philippe Starck.

Bright yellow, campagnolo wheels, original dashboard and wicker seats: everything in good condition and definetily eye-catching.

It is based on the Fiat 850 with 47 horsepower. The Shellette has wicker seats and surrey-style top and streamlined fiberglass body. Only some 80 examples were built by Michelotti.

The odometer reads only 28,475 km and before the sale the Fiat Shellette had a full service with also a new clutch fitted. When a car goes for sale, these are all good points. In this case the previous ownership by the famous designer probably helped to reach the final price of 41,720. You can find more details about the Fiat Shellette “ex-Starck” on the Artcurial website .