…or in another words how to get dirty for less than 5k. 

In December we spent a sunny but wet Sunday into the woods with the main goal of getting dirty and thirsty before the aperitif.

That day I also realised that I didn’t really have a bike up for the job: the R90/6 is too clean and perfect for the job and I didn’t even think about the Ducati 749 or the Vespa Special (even though it would have been pretty mental to try the 50 Special in the forest).

So here I am looking around for something I could use at the next occasion. Luckily that day Fabrice lent me his 1200 GS, but what for the next round?

It’s going to be an extra bike to add to the garage, so it has to be quite cheap (at the very max 5k euros). In good running condition and reliable, because I never have enough time to work on them. At least 250cc, to be able to handle medium transferts between the city and the woods. Not too shiny, otherwise I would be too scared of dropping it to have fun. Oh and of course classic or at most a 90ies young-timer.

This list is what I came up with, do you have any better idea?

BMW R100/7 tastefully modified for off road at 4.200 euros, found in Paris on leboincoin.fr

The plus? Fourche White Power (WP) plus front wheels and brakes from KTM enduro and at the back brand new shocks absorbers by YSS. Ready to get dirty !

The downside is that I already have an R series BMW and it feels a bit of double to get another one. Plus I’m not sure it’s the best choice in terms of weight to play in the mud.

BMW R100

The next choice is to go british.

All the way with classy british with a TRIUMH TIGER/BANTAM CUB TRIALS 200cc 1961 that I found on eBay.co.uk, on sale for 2.499 pounds. It’s in the price range and very very good looking, but hey not sure how legal it is to drive it on the road (even though it has a number plate) and I feel I would spend more time fixing it than riding it…. BUT F°%£K IT LOOKS GOOD !!! I’ve been thinking at one of those since I wrote an article about one a while ago, find the link here.

There’s also an Italian way of doing it: the original Ducati Scrambler, found on Subito.it. The only issue here is that they are getting really expensive and to fit into the 5k budget you need to stick with the small 250 cc engine. Not a big issue for off-road purposes, but for similar money the R100 feels much more a complete bike with the 1000cc engine.

Another option is to go classic racing and to opt for something coming out straight from the SIX DAYS, the oldest off road event in Italy: an  SWM looking very clean indeed, such a shame that it’s only a 100cc bike. On the same line you could also opt for Fantic, Ancillotti, Dkw, Zundapp, Puch, however they are all often small cc.

The final choice (shame it’s not road legal) it’s a classic German MAICO. And I would go for the ONLY THE BRAVE choice, the Maico 490 Mega II. I found this one from 1981, 490cc, 2 strokes.

If you are brave enough maybe in 4th gear you will manage to fully open the throttle, maybe …

Those are the bikes I’m thinking off and probably I will go and check out the beemer soon.

Do you have other suggestions?