Land Rover, 60 years of success

There are country that can be identified by a car and the UK can be well represented by an old Land Rover. I spotted this beautiful and well maintained model walking near by Stockwell Tube Station (London) and I couldn’t resist to take a picture. Based on the plate numbers, it has been probably registered between August 1970 and July 1971.

The first Land debuted in the market just after the second big war in 1948 and it has been produced without interruption until today. It has been designed and engineered to work on some of the world toughest terrain since beginning. It has been improved year over year an many special models have been produced during these six decades of evolution.

Thanks to the good simple and ingenious design many Land Rover vehicles are still working today after 60 years in extreme conditions around the world.
In 2015 the year of celebration of the Defender begins with an iconic 1km silhouette carved in to the sands of Red Wharf Bay, UK.
The beach where Land Rover’s journey began in 1947.
From the official page: