More than Thirthyfive years ago Alain owned the Matra 530 and the Matra Baghera, so in 2013 when he saw for sale this Matra Murena he decided to upgrade to the “newer” model.

The Murena is used not only for classic car gatherings but also to commute on sunny days and to preserve the reliability the current owner services regularly and keeps it in top shape.

Many parts have been replaced among 32 years of life, but all the upgrade and changes always respected the originality of the model.The most visible modification is in the interior, refreshed with the cloth from a Matra Rancho by the previous owner after his dog made a mess of the original seats.

We meet Alain and the Matra on a Sunday morning gathering organized by Parmain Classic, north of Paris.

Matra Murena Quick Technical Notes:

Engine: ‎1.6 L to 2.2 L – available with the so-called “S-kit” that upgraded its output to 142 bhp
Production: ‎1980–1983
Curb weight‎: ‎930 kg -1,030 kg
Designer: ‎Antonis Volanis

For more details here is the link to the international Murena register :