The Volkswagen Fusca

Repost in the new format of the pictures of this 1975 well loved brazilian Beetle (or Fusca as they are called on that side of the ocean).
Painted in gorgeous pearl white this VW Fusca is owned by our Instagram follower Eduardo Pimenta (on instagram @dudupimenta )

This Volkswagen Beetle only had one previous owner and Eduardo received it as a gift from his father in November 2013. When they first took it home it was dirty and covered in dust. After a good wash and wax session it came back to its original shiny white and that’s when Eduardo decided to name it Pirola (Pearl) for the color and mostly for the value he’s attributing to his VW.
Enjoy it.

Brazilian assembly of the Beetle, where it is called “Fusca”, started in 1953, with parts imported from Germany.
By the mid-sixties, the cars had 99.93% Brazilian parts content, with four German parts of a combined value of about one US dollar still being imported.

Around 1973, all Brazilian Beetles (1300 and 1500 series) were updated with the 1968-up sheet metal, bumpers, and four-lug rims.

The “Fusca” nickname is of unknown origins; presumably it is a shortening of the Brazilian-Portuguese pronunciation of Volkswagen (“Folquisvaguem”).