It’s unusual to find a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia dating from 1956 in such good condition.

Volkswagen started producing the model in big numbers starting from 1960 and this increases the values of the cars from the fifties.

The owner is a businessman from Bangkok and he spent nearly two years to restore it with the help of a well respected classic car specialist.

Many specials parts have been fitted to the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia during the restoration process and even the roof was ordered from California (where it’s a common upgrade) with other parts .
The californian maker at first was skeptical about the order coming from Thailand because he couldn’t believe that a ’56 Karmann Ghia was under restoration near the forest and the roof had he changed his mind only when he received the paiment in few hours.

When driving around the city with this “LowRider” the owner told us that he’s often stopped by people asking if the car it’s for sale or if he’s a car dealer.

Thanks to David Viron for the pictures of this beauty from Asia.