A big Swedish willing to go racing – The Volvo Amazon

The current owner has a bug for classic Volvos and in the 15 years of ownership he spent lots of time and resources to prepare this Volvo Amazon for historic racing. Unfortunately just preparation because for personal reasons it has never been raced.

The original 1800cc engine was refurbished and modified to 2 litres to give it more power and tourque. Sporty suspensions with wider and low profile tyres have been fitted to improve the handling and manage the extra power of the volvo amazon.

The interior has been cleared to gain weight and practicality. It’s also ready for the competition with rollbar, profiled seats and fire extinguisher. A bunch of gauges and indicators has been added to monitor what’s going on in the engine bay.

The original Light blue color was replaced with a not-so-discreet yellow – blue combination.

The Volvo is up for sale at http://www.mg-plus.fr/ (if you can’t find it anymore on the website she’s probably gone).